Terms and Conditions

By purchasing premade or custom services from Blogs by Kendall, the client is agreeing to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, without warning and therefore should be read prior to making your purchase(s).

Payments are accepted via PayPal ONLY at this time. Payment will be made prior to you, the client, being given your unique download links. For all custom projects, a down payment is required for scheduling. This payment will be determined based on your payment option needs – either half of the full price of your project, or if 3 payments are required, a third of the full price of your project.

Premade themes and design elements are sold AS IS. The only exception; blog titles/subtitles, and if needed, extra sidebar buttons. Any additions to the aforementioned are subject to additional fees.

You, the client, are responsible for obtaining proper licensing for any and all blog software used. Support for any blog software will not be provided to you, the client, by Blogs by Kendall. You, the client, are responsible for obtaining support from the appropriate vendor

When a custom design is requested; Client guarantees that they own or have permission from the rightful owner to use any design element such as photography, text, graphics, trademarks or any other artwork that is to be included in any design by Design by Kendall and will hold harmless, protect and defend Design by Kendall, and it’s subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the use of any design elements. Client shall also supply the source of any design element that is to be used and included in any commissioned design project, so that proper credit will be given. Client is assumes responsibility and all risk of liability.

When a custom design is requested or premade is purchased; Client understands and agrees that by purchasing any design or design element created by the use of personal photography, designs, text, graphics, trademarks or any other artwork by me, Kendall Shiffler, the client is not purchasing the rights to claim, reuse, resell or redistribute any design or design elements without prior, written permission of the author – me.

You are only allowed to use each design on one blog. Use of themes on multiple blogs is not permitted UNLESS you have moved/relocated your blog to a new location, or permission to do so has been granted.

Credit link back is required. Client agrees that credit links back remain on the site for the life of any design by Blogs by Kendall. Removal of these credit links are in direct violation of these Terms of Service and your agreement with Blogs by Kendall. The location of this link may be in the footer or the sidebar of the design, which will be decided by the designer. These links may either by a text link or small button/banner if in the sidebar.

Backups; Blogs by Kendall will not save or store backups of any design or design element purchased or of your existing design. It is the responsibility of the client to save and store backups of previous designs, as well as any design purchased through Blogs by Kendall.

For Advertisement; Client understands and agrees that Blogs by Kendall reserves the right to use and display any purchased design, custom design or design elements as examples of works via a portfolio or for the purpose of advertisement.

Refunds are only provided prior to the client being given a completed copy of any custom work. This also includes unique download links given after the purchase of a premade theme.

Please do not commit to a project unless you are 100% sure that it’s something you want and are willing to wait on depending on the time line you have been given.

Maintenance; Design by Kendall will provide limited, 2 hours of customer service to allow for any minor adjustments and maintenance to any custom project. After 2 hours, you may be charged an additional fee.