I like cute blogs.

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Just about anyone who knows me could tell you my one true passion: Blogging. I blog for work, I blog for fun, and when I’m not blogging, I’m usually still on the computer designing websites!

Being such an avid blogger has turned me into a pretty discriminating blog reader. I don’t care how great your content is, if your site is ugly and hard to navigate, I’m outta there. What can I say? I like cute blogs. It’s for this reason that I spend countless hours designing, tweaking and redesigning my own blogs.

I’ve decided to turn this hobby (okay, borderline obsession) with redesigning my own blog into something that my friends, family and fellow bloggers can take advantage of. I believe that great blog design doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, or even anything at all. That’s why today I announce the launch of Blogs by Kendall, a sister site of my Web site design company, Design by Kendall.

Why the need for a separate site? First, Blogs by Kendall offers a different design aesthetic than Design by Kendall. BbK offers the same professional web development standards but designs with a chic, cutesy, edge. Secondly, Blogs by Kendall allows me to focus on the design and leave the content up to you. Web sites are often much larger, more time consuming projects with packages that include everything from copy writing to search engine optimization. With a full-time job, it gives me more bang for my buck for me to take on more, smaller projects.

I look forward to working with you and please be sure to bookmark us since we’ll be posting more freebies and pre-mades soon!

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